10 Reasons Why Curiosity is Crucial to Success

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10 Reasons Why Curiosity is Crucial to Success

I love curious people. Curious people are interesting and, curious people are interested… in the lives of other people, in what is happening, in how things work, in where things come from and why things happen.

I have met many people throughout my career. The most interesting and memorable ones are those with a great sense of curiosity.

Why do I love curious people?

  1. Curious people are storytellers. They create, collect and curate stories. They are at the centre of many stories, but they also share the lessons learned from other people’s stories.
  2. Curious people have incredible adventures and are more likely to take risks. They are not afraid to follow their curiosity as it leads them into the unknown. Curiosity can take you down interesting roads, often the roads less travelled.
  3. Curious people are great listeners. They don’t focus on small talk. They want to know about you. They are the ones most likely to strike up a conversation with someone in a pub or on a train.
  4. Curious people ask great questions. How do you find out what you don’t know without questions? Be it questions to people or research questions that they endeavour to answer themselves.
  5. Curious people have an innate sense of wonder. Much like children, they wonder why, how, what, when, where and who. They are deep thinkers who want to always know more.
  6. Curious people are creative problem solvers with a great imagination. Innovation wouldn’t happen without curious people who believe there is a better way to do something, or who create something new to solve a problem that many of us hadn’t seen as a problem until the innovative answer arrived.
  7. Curious people are life-long learners. They will keep chipping away until they have a better understanding of just about everything.
  8. Curious people turn strangers into friends, or at the very least, trusted acquaintances. They go out of their way to have a better understanding of the people they choose to have in their lives.
  9. Curious people know who’s who in the zoo – they network well. Chances are if you are looking for something or someone, they will know who can help.
  10. Curious people are wise. Whilst it is often said that wisdom comes with age, I know a lot of young wise people, and they all have curiosity as a key trait.

We have more knowledge available to us now than at any other time in history. As a kid I loved encyclopedias. Now I love Google and Siri. Today we can find answers instantly to so many questions.  

I’d say we are living in “The Age of Curiosity”

Some people are more naturally curious than others, but I believe a sense of curiosity can be developed. You can be intentionally curious. Listen mindfully when in conversations. Ask more and better questions. Read books from different genres. Listen to podcasts. Take a different route to or from work. Go for a walk in a different neighbourhood. Get out of your bubble and see where your curiosity leads you.

Be curious. It is a catalyst for growth!

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