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My story

I’ve always had a fascination with history. When I was a child one of the things I wanted to be when I grew up was an archeologist. Now thinking about that, it’s really the stories from the past that intrigued me.

In recent years I’ve been exploring my family history and have connected with newly found cousins (thanks to DNA matching). I now know so much more about some of my ancestors and am enjoying writing their stories.

Your stories

If you have a family story, be it an anecdote, a chapter or a whole life story, and want some assistance with creating the narrative, speak with me. I can assist with the strategy, writing and/or editing.

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Family Stories

My Grandad Lucas
READ – My Grandad and World War II – Values and Virtues, by Karen Thompson

READ – What Will Happen to the Horses? Innovation at the turn of the 20th Century, by Karen Thompson

READ – Flight Across the Globe. Our family’s journey from the northwest of England to Perth Australia, by Karen Thompson

Old Television
READ – Television…. A Poem from the 1970s. Karen’s mother was a writer and this is one of her creations.

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