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Who Were You as a Child?

Life, for most of us at least, was far simpler as a child. Our imaginations ran wild. We played games and enjoyed great adventures. We designed roads in the sandpit for our trucks, imagined our grown-up lives with the help of Barbie and Ken dolls and “went camping” in tents made out of sheets spread…
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Karen Dennett and Claire Seeber

It Started with a Connection

I’m a connector. I love introducing people in my network to each other, especially when I can see synergies. Sometimes magic happens and that introduction leads to extraordinary outcomes. Karen Dennett I met Karen at a Perth Learning Professionals event. Starting her career as a marketer, she retrained as a high school teacher and made…
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My Grandad Lucas

My Grandad and World War II – Values and Virtues

If you could sit on this bench and speak with anyone – dead or alive – who would it be?  It’s an often-asked question. For me, the answer is simple. My Grandad, Stanley Lucas. My Grandad When I was a child, Grandad was just Grandad.  He and Nana visited us every Saturday bringing pocket money…
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Communicate U Blog

Personal Brand: Lessons From the Scottish Highland Clans

Whilst “personal brand” may be modern terminology, managing one’s personal brand or reputation goes back hundreds, if not thousands of years. I recently completed a short course with the University of Glasgow – The History of the Scottish Highland Clans. I took the course because of my Scottish heritage, a general interest in history and…
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Career Directions

Career Directions: Where are You Heading?

Whilst driving the other day Sean, in his lilting Irish tones said to me, “In two hundred metres, turn left”. Sean wasn’t my passenger but the electronic voice on my GPS. Anyway, it got me thinking about directions of another kind – career directions. Your map (AKA resume) I speak with a lot of people…
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Five Life Lessons from 40 Years at Work

This year marked 40 years since I entered the workforce. It’s scary seeing that number in print. I think back to my first job ..… I had graduated from business college and was offered a Girl Friday role with a manufacturing engineering company. There was a manual typewriter on my desk, a PABX switchboard, a shorthand…
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10 Reasons Why Curiosity is Crucial to Success

I love curious people. Curious people are interesting and, curious people are interested… in the lives of other people, in what is happening, in how things work, in where things come from and why things happen. I have met many people throughout my career. The most interesting and memorable ones are those with a great…
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Job Seekers Narrative

Job Seekers: What’s Your Narrative?

When you visit Hollywood and ask people what they do, every second person (or so it seems) says, “I’m an actor”. What are these ‘actors’ doing when you ask this question? More often than not, they are serving cocktails in a bar on the strip, driving minibus tours around Beverly Hills showing off the homes…
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Networking: It Takes Work!

Mention the word networking and some people break into a cold sweat. They immediately picture themselves alone in a room full of strangers, not knowing what to do or say. Sure, meeting new people at functions and events is one aspect of networking but networking is so much more than that. Relationship Management Networking is also about…
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Resumes: What’s the GOS About You?

One question I’ve been asked repeatedly over the years is, “What’s the most important thing to have on your resume?” My answer is simple: a Great Overarching Statement! Hook your reader Like any piece of effective communication, you need to hook your reader immediately. Call it what you will – Profile, Overview, Career Summary – the GOS is…
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