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The Importance of Managing Your Referees

Referees can play an important role in your career success, a fact that many job seekers fail to appreciate. What will your former employer say? There have been several times over the years, when I’ve telephoned a referee listed on a candidate’s resume, and when I have said, “We are considering so-and-so for a role,”…
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Career Directions

Career Directions: Where are You Heading?

Whilst driving the other day Sean, in his lilting Irish tones said to me, “In two hundred metres, turn left”. Sean wasn’t my passenger but the electronic voice on my GPS. Anyway, it got me thinking about directions of another kind – career directions. Your map (AKA resume) I speak with a lot of people…
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Resumes: What’s the GOS About You?

One question I’ve been asked repeatedly over the years is, “What’s the most important thing to have on your resume?” My answer is simple: a Great Overarching Statement! Hook your reader Like any piece of effective communication, you need to hook your reader immediately. Call it what you will – Profile, Overview, Career Summary – the GOS is…
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